Client testimonials

  I injured my shoulder and required intensive surgery in the year 2000, and that injury really taught me a lesson about the importance of keeping my body strong. I have been determined to continue with yoga all these years to be sure I do not injure myself again. I have also learned about the importance of keeping myself strong as I have seen both my family members as well as my In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) clients decline and hurt themselves because they did not keep strong and supple by doing an activity such as yoga.

I have found Roseanna’s Yoga instruction very beneficial both to keep me strong as well as flexible. As I once told her I also have found it very relaxing. Sometimes it is as good as a lunchtime nap. I urge anyone considering it to give it a try!E. G.

  Roseanna has been enormously helpful to me with my knee injuries. Her penetrating massage and expert needle application made a big difference.

I highly recommend her!L. B.

  The way Roseanna combines massage and acupuncture makes for a healing combination. It’s been very helpful for me.K. S.
  I’ve seen various natural health practitioners for many years, and believe Roseanna to be among the more experienced acupuncturists I know. She’s helped me a lot.S. C.
  Roseanna Woods is an expert massage therapist. She is also a gifted and competent acupuncturist. And yet there is more…her attention to detail, her lovely office and garden, her kind looks and compassionate words, her honest engagement with me as a person not just a client. Over the last 5 years, Roseanna has gently guided me toward greater self-awareness and strength. She is more than a fine acupuncturist, she is a treasure.J. S.