Yoga: Empowerment to incorporate daily self care in your treatment

Yoga Class I feel that in addition to acupuncture/massage treatments, that a person benefits from specific self care at home. Integrating yoga therapy when appropriate, offers not only circulation of Qi, but deeper body awareness. This supports self empowerment in regards to our health. It also creates continuity between treatments.

My approach to yoga has been about self exploration. This has been a personal journey for me.

The word yoga means union of body, mind and breath. The practice is not about achievement or even changing one’s state of body or mind. that may happen, but what yoga offers is the chance to be present with whatever is happening now. You might ask, “Why, if I’m feeling pain in my body, would I want to focus in and experience what’s happening? Wouldn’t I just be better off getting rid of it?” That is the secret in yoga. Most often pain develops from constrained Qi or blockage of energy. When we bring our attention to that area, and using the breath and different poses, we allow an opening of the energy. Where attention goes, Energy flows.

When we begin the practice we connect with our highest intention for ourselves – as well as a pause to say “hello” to whatever is arising. We might not like what’s happening in the moment, but with a curious open mind we can develop compassion for ourselves. Without this, our practice can become a way to judge, reprimand or elevate ourselves. Yoga is about developing awareness and connection.

Yoga ClassYoga has been brought into the therapeutic setting, working with particular dis-eased states. Using the breath and specific poses, coupled with directed attention, transformation unfolds. Yoga therapy has been used in specific body pain issues such as headaches, backaches and sciatica to a supporting role in cancer therapy, as well as depression and body image issues.
Currently, I lead a small evening class from my studio. I’ve also worked in various employment settings and found that the noon time yoga sessions allowed people to not only relax but to approach the rest of the work day with a fresh perspective. In the last eight years working at skilled nursing facilities with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, I’ve witnessed the participants more wakeful and engaged after yoga sessions.

Please contact me if you’re interested in a class or private session.