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Roseanna WoodsGreetings! With the expansion energy of the Spring season, welcome to my new website and blog that will focus on tips for staying healthy with each season.

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Almost 9 months ago I was inspired to recharge and expand my learning field and enrolled in the 10 month Ayurvedic practitioner course at the dhyana Center in Sebastopol. It’s been an interesting and exciting journey connecting the correlations between Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I love learning more about the unique qualities of the essential oils and their potentizing effect on specific acupuncture points. I appreciate the daily self care practices that Ayurveda has to offer – supporting ourselves regularly – not just when we’re sick. These practices empower us to pay attention to what needs support.

I’d like to explore and share with you what I’ve been learning as well as my experience as I apply and combine these practices with Chinese medicine.


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